Take these tests to learn about your personality. These tests are free and anonymous, and your results are shown instantly. Over 15 million people have taken these tests! And, your participation helps researchers at universities learn more about personality psychology. Curious to learn more? Read a short history of this site and learn about the research and results.

  • The Big Five Personality Test: A free and anonymous version of the Big Five personality test.
  • Are You a Freak?: Find out how unique you feel you need to be with this online quiz.
  • Find Your Star Wars Twin: Test to determine which Star Wars character is most like you.
  • The Morality Test: Assesses your moral attitudes, particularly as they relate to your religious and cultural background.
  • Do you censor what you say? Find out if you're a low or high self-monitor.
  • Blurter or Brooder: How your communication style affects your love life.
  • Do-Re-Mi: What does your taste in music say about your personality?
  • Twins Study: If you're a twin, help us learn more about personality.