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TWINS: An Interactive Personality Test

Welcome to Twins: An Interactive Personality Test! This site lets any two people, regardless if you're actually twins, compare your personality and behaviors on a number of criteria.

This test utilizes well accepted psychology instruments and gives you instant, free, and anonymous feedback on some aspects of your personality and behaviors. You'll learn a bit about your personality, and optionally, a bit about some of your past behaviors and experiences.

You don't need a twin or second person to fill our survey out: you'll still get meaningful results in the preliminary results. Since the data from this site is being used for twin research, we would greatly appreciate if you'll spread the word about this site to friends who have twins. And if you are yourself a twin, welcome and thank you!

Sign up on our twins mailing list! If you would like to help us with our research and would be interested in receiving email about future studies on Twins-related research, please subscribe to our mailing list!

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If this is your first time here, you'll need to fill out the questionnaire. After you complete the questionnaire, you'll be given a set of preliminary results, along with a confirmation of you user name and password. You will give your user name to anyone with whom you want to share results; and keep your password private so that other people can't see your personal results.

If someone has given you their user name, you still need to fill out the questionnaire for yourself. Once you have your preliminary results, you will be able to enter their user name to see your combined results!

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If you already have a user name and someone else has given you their user name, enter them here to see your full results. You can compare yourself with as many people as you want!

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By continuing, you acknowledge that your answers will be recorded. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary, and all responses to this survey are anonymous and will be kept confidential. You may refuse to answer any of the questions, and you may withdraw your consent and discontinue participation in this study by leaving the site. The privacy policy states more information about how data is collected and contains contact information should you have questions.

There are no foreseeable risks to you from participating in this research, the results of which are free, anonymous, and instant. The possible benefits to you consist of feedback about your personality, which may provide you with greater insight about yourself.

Portions of this test are copyright 2000 by U. C. Berkeley psychologist Oliver P. John, Ph.D.; all rights reserved. DAPP survey © 2004 W. John Livesley, Ph.D. at University of British Columbia; used with permission. All rights reserved. Remaining portions, website content, and design is (c) 2004 by Atof Inc.; all rights reserved.