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Twins: An Interactive Personality Test

Step 2 of 5: Setup

  • Step 1: Introduction [DONE]
  • Step 2: Setup [This step; 2 minutes]
  • Step 3: Survey [10-20 minutes]
  • Step 4: Status [3 minutes]
  • Step 5: Results [5 minutes]

In this step, we have a few preliminary questions that will help us select the most appropriate questions for you. There are no right or wrong answers, but note that you will not obtain meaningful results unless you answer the questions seriously. These results are being used in scientific research, so please try to give accurate answers.

Please pick a user name that you would like to use to save your results. Once you have completed the survey, you will be able to give your user name to family and friends so that they can compare themselves to you!
Enter a password or PIN that you would like to use to keep your personal results private. (Your family and friends will only be able to see portions of your personality results and overall similarity.)
Are you a fraternal or identical twin?
At any time in your life, have you ever had a drink of alcohol? (By a drink we mean one bottle of beer, one glass of wine, or one shot of liquor)
Thinking back over your entire life, have you ever had a time when you were feeling depressed, down, or sad most of the time for at least two weeks?
Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
Have you ever smoked cigarettes regularly? (That is, at least 7 cigarettes a week for at least one month)
In an average month during the past year, how many days would you drink a caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or soft drinks with caffeine?
Please enter the number of times you have gambled in your life. Examples of gambling include: lottery tickets (includes scratch tickets, excluding gifts) casino type games (including machines internet and casinos) placing bets (includes bingo, sports events, cards dice horses and raffles)
Have you ever previously filled out this particular questionnaire on this site?

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