About this site

This site was thrown together in the early morning late August, 1998 after I received an amusing forward from a friend. There it sat, unattended, unfinished, and unvisited, until mid-February of 1999 when NBC's program "PC Mike" broadcast the URL as a part of a segment on amusing websites.

Since then, the Country Western Song Machine has been honored to appear in such places as the New York Times and on several TV shows and radio stations. If you see this site mentioned in some place fabulous, would you tell me? (click here to contact me).

And in February of 2005, the mystery of the author was solved. A friend of Frank Jacobs made the connection and contacted me. I learned that the original appeared in an issue of MAD Magazine from well before I was born. Here, then, is the proper credit for a brilliantly funny work: based on a MAD article by Frank Jacobs.

For the curious, there are a total of 5,770,748,510,208 possible combinations.